Why We Built It


Our website was created to show how lovely living in Tuscany can be, but also to catalog the celebration around Italian festivals. In Tuscany, there are many historic destinations that have become famous throughout the world.

Art like Michelangelo’s David or architecture like Brunelleschi’s Dome capture the true spirit of living in Tuscany, so we wanted to bring that to the Internet with a website. While these might be major tourist attractions, living in Tuscany doesn’t take away from them at all. In fact,we relish our history and culture, even as it is in our own back yard. By starting a website we also get to show how the agritourist industry has brought recognition to the landscape of our area and how living here has had a focus on environmental sustainability.



And really, what would Italy be without our festivals? Every year we wanted to highlight how special each one was. Having a website, we can explore all the history surrounding these festivals while also showing how significant and important they are to the Italian people.

We also wanted to share the many images that people send in of the festivities each year, so that people around the world could experience the same thing, even if they couldn’t make it this time.